arbeitsplatzAll Hafenrichter systems are distinguished by low operational space needs. The related high mobility and universal applicability is particularly appreciated by those of our customers who have only restricted space available in their engine house.

Hafenrichter products are provided with quality components of reputed suppliers. To be able to guarantee a long life, we decided to use stainless steel and anodised aluminium. This solution is quite expensive for us; however our systems enjoy a high quality reputation particularly thanks to this feature!

messeNumerous patents prove special innovative approaches that we are able to implement using high-quality materials and components of reputed suppliers.

Hafenrichter systems comply with the EU Machine Directive (98/37/EC) and are the optimum choice when it comes to functionality, user safety, space requirements, performance, environmental friendliness and price.

Especially building costs for new facilities can be reduced with the purchase of a hose testing and reeling stand or a Hafenrichter hose drying system, as the size of buildings planned can be scaled down to suit our systems and thus construction costs can be reduced significantly.

Our systems ainnen1re a worthwhile investment also in view of the operating costs (water and current consumption and heating costs). Constructional measures are normally not necessary, only rotary current and possibly a water connection should be mounted.

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