DrehkranzaufzugLife ring lift

The Hafenrichter life ring lift DK(xx) is a new development which combines the traditional life ring systems with the comfort of a track line.

All functions possible with the track system can be used in this case, too. Thus, with this system you are able to:

- change position of the hoses / sort the hoses;
- load and unload the hoses automatically;
- suspend and detach combined hoses at the same time

without any extra-price.

Bedienfeld The DK(xx) is principally provided with a fully automatic control with touch screen display and a freely programmable user interface and keys according to customer’s request. The capacity varies between 15 – 60 hoses depending on customer’s needs. The system is generally also available as self-assembly unit and can be used in half and full towers. It has the same safety features as the track system.

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